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Very friendly and patience of a SAINT!! Jonathan explained everything very clearly and progressed through the lessons step by step. He’s thoughtful enough to teach you about not only the bike you are learning on, but how it compares to other bikes you may encounter in the future. He makes sure you understand each step and are comfortable with it before moving on, which made my nervousness go away quick. After just one lesson with him, I feel confident with my riding abilities because he was so knowledgeable and helpful. Also gives lots of motivation and cheers you on when you do well! ~ HB, San Diego, CA

Super patient guy, lets you go at your own pace, and a great resource if you’re thinking about getting into buying a bike and riding. Even offers to give you his stamp of approval on Craigslist bikes before you purchase. ~ CR, San Francisco, CA

Jonathan is an excellent teacher. A friend and I signed up for a beginner lesson and I really, really enjoyed it. The class was both fun, and also felt safe. I appreciated Jonathan’s very relaxed and encouraging demeanor, as well as his feedback and suggestions. I get the feeling that he’s good at assessing his students’ level and adapts the class to suit their needs perfectly. I was so jazzed afterwards that I couldn’t stop talking about it, so my wife’s going to take a lesson, too! ~ CS, San Francisco, CA

I had never been on a scooter before this morning and even as a bicyclist I would say I’m mediocre at best.  Jonathan’s scooter lesson was everything I might have hoped for and more.  As a teacher myself, I understand the effect that a positive and caring demeanor can have on a nervous student.  Jonathan gave us so much useful information on how the bike worked and why things might happen the way they do.  The lesson gradually built up, one skill upon another.  I felt and safe and comfortable the entire time and really grew my confidence today. I know exactly what I need to work on to move to the next level of independent comfort.  5 stars all the way! ~ JR Tucson, AZ

Jonathan is a fantastic instructor!   I enjoyed his methodical and simple direction.  He knows how to make you feel comfortable and build confidence. If you have always wanted to ride a motorcycle, this is a great opportunity to take this off your Bucket List.   You will have an incredible time whether you are a first timer (like me) or someone trying to refresh your skills. Phenomenal time!  Thanks, Bay Rider’s Group! ~ BB, Marina del Rey, CA

Jonathan was very understanding, took time to explain things to me, was never condescending and told me what a good job that I was doing, I felt 100% in control at all times.  I felt that he treated me and the other male student equally. Also I didn’t mind it was semi-private as it was nice to take a break and observe how other people did the moves.  I was so nervous I don’t think I wanted to have on the bike the whole time doing things as it was nice to take a mental break to absorb what I had learned. ~ SB, San Jose, CA

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