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Scooter Lessons

motorcycle training san francisco, bay riders group, motorcycle training, m1 license, dmv, scooter lessons, pre purchase inspections, transportation services, San Francisco, dmv rentals, motorcycle safetyIntroductory Scooter Lesson – $180/lesson

Our introductory scooter lessons are designed to take new riders and give them the necessary skills they will need in order to ride a scooter on the street. Progressing at the pace of the student we work on one skill at a time until you, the rider, feel comfortable moving on.

We cover such things as:

  • Proper mount and dismount of the scooter
  • Learning all of the hand and foot controls
  • Proper braking
  • Basic left and right hand turning
  • U-turns
  • Slalom riding
  • Parking
  • Operating hand controls while riding
  • Emergency braking

Included in the lesson is a tutorial on things to watch out for when buying a used scooter as well as how to maintain your own scooter, once you obtain one. Our scooter lessons are approximately 1 1/2 hours long and are completely private.  For each class, we prednisone provide a scooter, helmet, and gloves.  We do require a $200 cash deposit per class for use of the trainer scooter.  If nothing is damaged, this deposit is refunded back to you at the end of the lesson.

*Scooters can also be rented to take your M1 License test at the DMV…click here to find out more information.

**We can transport your scooter to and from your private lesson…click here for more information.

Are you still reading? Get RIDING!