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Motorcycle Riding Gear

Safety is number one when riding a motorcycle.  We’re not cars and therefore do not have steel all around us, protecting us.  Therefore, it is essential for motorcycle riders to wear proper motorcycle riding gear.  Below we discuss the items vital to keeping us safe in the event of an accident:

1.) Helmet: This is the number one item keeping riders alive in the event of a collision.  It is essentially protecting the most important parts of our body, our head and brain.  This is not an item that we want to be cheap.  This is also not an item you would want to purchase second hand.  In addition, we at Bay Riders Group only recommend full faced helmets meaning your entire head is covered and there is a visor in the front that can be opened and closed.  Other helmets, such as half helmets, or skull caps, may look cool but are not going to fully protect your head like the enclosed helmet will.

2.) Gloves:  This is the second most important piece in proper motorcycle riding gear.  When a rider is involved in an accident, or simply falling off the motorcycle, the very first instinct is to place your hands out to stop yourself.  With the addition of riding gloves, your hands will be protected.  Without riding gloves, you could incur severe injuries to your hands and fingers.  Proper motorcycle riding gloves will be made out of either a textile material or leather.  Leather gloves are more ideal for protection, but the textile gloves are better for ventilation in warmer climates.

3.) Boots: The third most important item in proper motorcycle riding gear are boots.  One of the most common motorcycle related injuries is a broken ankle.  This is caused by the riders foot dragging the ground, causing it to bend back and break the ankle.  Motorcycle specific boots are an essential piece of proper riding gear because they trap your ankle inside the boot in a way where it cannot turn in order to break.  Motorcycle boots are normally made out of a very hard plastic material, or leather.  Both are great choices, depending upon your riding environment.

4.) Jacket:  This is the fourth most important piece of motorcycle riding gear.  A good motorcycle jacket will be made up of either a very heavy textile material or all leather.  The jacket should have what is called CE approved armor.  This consists of two shoulder pads, two elbow pads, and a spine protector built into the back of the jacket.  Jackets also usually come with a zip out inner liner that can be taken out during warmer rides and put back during winter riding.  The purpose of the jacket is to be able to slide longer without the material being compromised.  For this reason, we at Bay Riders Group recommend a leather jacket over a textile because it will allow you to slide for approximately 70 feet longer than a textile jacket will.  This in turn saves your skin from meeting the ground.


If you need any advice about motorcycle riding gear, such as brands or where to purchase, please contact Bay Riders Group at: [email protected]

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