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Motorcycle Maintenance

Motorcycle Maintenance is an essential part of owning a motorcycle.  Since riders are trusting their lives at speeds sometimes greater than 100 MPH, they must take the necessary steps to keep their machines running smoothly and safely.  Below we will discuss a couple of easy motorcycle maintenance tips.


1.) Oil Changes:  Consistent oil changes are not only good motorcycle maintenance, but essential for keeping your motorcycle’s engine running for many miles to come.  Oil should be changed every 2000-5000 miles depending on your motorcycle, the oil you are using, and your riding conditions.

2.) Tire Pressure:  The second most important part of motorcycle maintenance is checking and maintaining our tire pressure.  Our motorcycles tires are essentially our feet.  The main difference is our tires are turning at a much greater speed than our feet are moving.  If your tire pressure is to low or to high, this can cause the motorcycle to react unpredictably in turns and can also cause premature tire wear and even a blowout.  We at Bay Riders Group recommend checking your tire pressure at least twice a month as it can fluctuate quite a bit depending on weather and riding conditions.  Please refer to your particular motorcycle handbook for specific pressure for your bike.

3.) Chain Maintenance:  This is the third most important part of motorcycle maintenance.  The chain is what drives your motorcycle forward.  When pulling and letting go of your throttle, the chain is under extreme pressure and if your chain is not properly adjusted it can break during these instances.  In addition, the chain requires a cleaning and lubing in order to keep it in working order.  This is usually done every 500-1000 miles.


By doing this basic motorcycle maintenance, you will have a reliable and trouble free motorcycle for many prednisone miles to come.

Bay Riders Group offers free advice about maintenance, repair shops in the area, and anything else motorcycle related.  Please feel free to email us at: [email protected]

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