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DMV Test Bike Questions

DMV Test Bike Questions (below) | General FAQs (click here)


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Q. What are the steps?
A1. Get your permit.
A2. Make a drive test appt at the DMV of your choice.  Our recommendation is San Francisco since they are fairly easy to get an appointment with and have very nice instructors. In addition, we can offer the lowest rate in San Francisco.  Please inquire about rates for other DMVs.
A3. Let us know approximately 1 week or more ahead about your appointment and which vehicle you want to use.


Q. How do I get my permit?
A. Obtain and read the Motorcycle Handbook from your local DMV and take the written test. You do not need an appointment. Note if you have not recently taken the drivers written test, the DMV may ask you to take that test as well.

Motorcycle Handbook

Example CA Motorcycle Test #1

Example CA Motorcycle Test #2


Q. When is the bike available?
A. The bike is available Monday – Friday, by appointment only. It is also available on certain Saturdays, depending on which DMV you choose to take your test at.


Q. What will I need to bring?
A. You will only need your permit paperwork and rental fee in cash.  We provide helmet, gloves, insurance and registration.


Q. Where do we meet?
A. We meet in the parking lot of the DMV that you choose.


Q:  What is the cost?
A:  If taken in San Francisco, we charge $125 to rent either a motorcycle or scooter.  If you would like extra practice, we do offer a one hour practice session a day or two before your test at the same DMV using the same test bike.  If taken with the rental, we charge $180 for both.  If only practice is needed and you have a bike to test with, we charge $80 for SF.  Please inquire about pricing for other DMVs.


Q. How much practice do I get?
A. We meet you approximately 20 minutes before your appointment to give you time to check in and take some laps on the test bike before you line up for your test.  If this is not enough practice, we offer the practice session a day or two before the test at an additional charge.


Q: What types of bikes do you use for the test?
A:  We use Honda prednisone Nighthawk 250ccs and Honda 50cc scooters.  Both of these qualify for the same M-1 license, so either can be used to take the test with.


Q: What does the DMV test involve?
A: Here is a link to several DMV videos that show what to expect during testing at the DMV. Click here.


Q:  Are you affiliated with the DMV?
A:  Bay Riders Group is not affiliated with the DMV. We are a private company that offers training so that you can pass nizagara the DMV M-1 license exam. Contact the DMV at 1-800-777-0133 to book your appointment for the exam.