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Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Own A Scooter

Have you considered buying a scooter instead Bay Riders Group - Motorcycle and Scooter Trainingof a car or motorcycle? Trying to decide what the pros are? Continuing reading to find out more…

  1. Riding a scooter is eco-friendly!

Not only is riding a scooter super trendy right now, but it’s also great for the environment. Even switching 10% of your annual commute from your car to a scooter can save upwards of 15 million gallons of gas and almost 325 million tons of carbon dioxide?!


  1. You can go anywhere!

A scooter can take you anywhere, and help you avoid traffic that you would otherwise be stuck in if you were to drive your car.


  1. Scooters are gas savers!

This one bears repeating. Since gas prices are only going to continue to rise, thinking of ways to save gas should be extremely important to you. The average cost to fill up a scooter is $7.00… and you can go for 140 miles!


  1. Scooters have a smooooth ride.

Learning how to control your scooter smoothly is one of the most important things to do when learning how to ride, especially for your passenger’s sake or if you are riding in the rain. If you need help with this, ask us!!


  1. Scooters are popular and stylish!

Even if you aren’t driving a vintage Vespa, any scooter will grab attention and look awesome zooming down the road.


  1. It’s affordable.

Some scooters are as cheap as $2,000, so whatever your budget is, you can find a scooter to fit yours.


  1. You can make yourself safe.

By choosing correct lane position so that other cars can see you, you help to keep yourself safe and out of other driver’s blind spots. Be mindful that large vehicles can not stop as quickly as you can so be careful when merging!!


  1. You can personalize your scooter!!

Ladies, there are scooters in every color your heart could desire. And scooters can be customized if you want a specific color!


  1. Men scooter too!

Almost 60% of men buy scooters! Even if you don’t think it will be “cool”, you’ll be doing the earth a favor and who knows, maybe you will get a few compliments from the women on your fancy new scooter.

10. Parking is the easiest it’s ever been!

Scooters can be parked just about anywhere, even if in a car you wouldn’t be able to find a spot for miles.

Still have questions? Try taking a lesson with Bay Riders Group and see if you enjoy it. Contact us for  more information.