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QUICK TIPS: Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle safety is incredibly important, so here are some quick tips on how to stay safe on your bike out on the road Stay visible: Keep in mind that other drivers usually have difficulty seeing bikes or reacting in time to prevent an accident. Always keep your headlights on and make sure that they are […]

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Preventing Motorcycle Theft

Keeping your motorcycle from being stolen can be incredibly easy if you pay attention to these simple tips: Lock your ignition when you get off your bike, and take the key out. Many motorcycle thefts happen when the ignition is off and not locked. Lock the forks or disk brakes with locks that are large […]

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Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Own A Scooter

Have you considered buying a scooter instead of a car or motorcycle? Trying to decide what the pros are? Continuing reading to find out more… Riding a scooter is eco-friendly! Not only is riding a scooter super trendy right now, but it’s also great for the environment. Even switching 10% of your annual commute from […]

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