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Motorcycle Licensing California

Welcome to taking the first step to getting a motorcycle license in California.  This article already assumes that you have had some sort of formal training.  If you are a complete beginning motorcycle or scooter rider, it is always best to have formal training before attempting to ride a motorcycle or scooter on the road.  If your in need of training, please visit the following link to Bay Riders Group lesson packages.  http://bayridersgroup.com/motorcycle-lessons/

Now, you have been trained how to ride and are ready to get your license.  The following is a step by step process for getting a motorcycle or scooter license in California.

Step 1:  Pickup the Motorcycle Handbook at the DMV and study it.  During this time, you’ll also want to make an appointment with your local DMV to take your written permit test.  This is a multiple choice exam in which you have 3 chances to pass.  Once you pass this test, the DMV will give you a temporary permit to ride on the road.  Please don’t confuse this with a license, there are restrictions.  You cannot ride on the freeway, ride at night, or ride with a passenger while on the permit.  You have 6 months from obtaining your permit in order to take your license test.  During this time, it is best to practice as much as possible.


Step 2:  Once you are ready for your license test, ride your motorcycle over to the local DMV after hours.  Practice in their course for your license test.  You can find videos online as to the skills required.  You may also visit this link to arrange a DMV practice session and/or a motorcycle or scooter rental from Bay Riders Group.  http://bayridersgroup.com/dmv-rentals/


Step 3:  Make an appointment at the DMV to take your test.  Show up approximately 20 minutes early to allow yourself enough time to get checked in and lined up for your exam.  The test itself will only take approximately 5-10 minutes.  Pass your test and you will receive the full endorsement on your license that very same day.


In conclusion, it’s not a very hard process to get a motorcycle or scooter license in California, it’s mostly just tedious.  If you need any help, please visit www.bayridersgroup.com, or contact us at: 415-878-3861.

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